10 Best Gifts for New Mums

Probably all expectant mums get excited when they see the cute little cardigans and tiny socks they receive at their baby showers and they long for the day when they will see the tiny feet that will go in those socks too!

Lots of gifts often arrive just after the birth as well, and while knowing new mums love all that, it can be a delightful surprise when they receive a little something special too. Sometimes the smallest, little pick-me-up can mean a lot when that little bundle of joy arrives and mum could do with a bit of pampering ‘me time’.

So without further ado, here are ten of the best gift ideas for new mothers.

A Coffee Mug Gift Set

A gorgeous mug and a bag of exquisite coffee will go down as a treat with new mums. Both decaffeinated or ‘mummy fuel’ options are available which is something to keep in mind when you are buying either for a breastfeeding mother or one who has to function without getting enough sleep!

Under Eye Concealer

A great idea for hiding dark circles from the sleepless nights spent humming nursery rhymes and walking around the bedroom at 3 am! Something out of the ordinary like the Touche Éclat illuminating pen by YSL would be a very nice surprise indeed!

A Beautiful Robe

Superb for covering up pajamas and adding a touch of glam so mum can tend to all those night feeds and still look stunning while she’s at it.

A Scented Candle

Help mum to set the scene of an evening and let the fragrances soothe her mind as she cuddles her little one by giving her the gift of a wonderfully fragranced candle. Yankee candles are an absolute treat and come in a huge range of delightful fragrances.

A Luxurious Bath Bomb

During baby’s nap time, it is important to take time out to relax and unwind by soaking in the bath, which is ideal for soothing an aching back while getting over childbirth and to start bringing back a little ‘me time’.

A Sweet Idea

Every mum needs a sweet retreat, especially those who breastfeed, so why not go for something decadent and different such as baklava or something posh like macarons?

A Pamper Session at a Spa

A relaxing massage (if she is feeling up for it) or perhaps a pedicure and a facial could be just the thing to pick up an exhausted and stressed new mum.


Sometimes what seems like a small gesture can actually be a very welcome gift. New mums know what it’s like when a five-minute job can take half an hour and this is often the case when preparing meals. Make something delicious like lasagne as it is always a pleasure when someone cooks for you.

A Herbal Tea Selection

Herbal tea is an excellent gift for those who need a quick ‘pick me up’ as it is refreshing and rejuvenating. It is also known for its immunity-boosting properties.

A Really Good Hand Cream

Constant nappy changing and bottle washing takes their toll on hands, but never fear, they can still be rejuvenated back to their original softness and suppleness which this a good hand cream. Hemp hand cream from the Body Shop works like magic.