Top 10 Best Indian Wedding Gifts

Indian weddings are recognized for their bubbly atmosphere with a lot of zing and excitement. Services, venues, food, and entertainment cost a huge sum of money. Each year, around 10 million weddings happen in India. The wedding season in North India starts in September and goes on until February, but in South India, weddings occur throughout the year.

The act of gift-giving at such a special and emotional time fortifies your relationship with your friends and family. It is a great opportunity to amaze your friends or family members who are getting hitched!

It's not always that simple to pick the ideal wedding present. While most couples have a wedding wishlist to help with deciding on what to buy for them, there are times when you have to choose something by yourself, or most of the things on their wishlist have already been ticked off.

There's also the subject of choosing where to define the boundary between giving excessively and giving nearly nothing. Nonetheless, the ideal wedding present doesn't need to be exorbitant. It just must be a unique gift idea that they will genuinely love.

Wedding Mehndi

The wedding seasons of the past couple of years have been unique, with restrictions such as social distancing and fewer participants. Despite these changes, there is still a craving to give and receive gifts at weddings. Wedding gifts ought to be just as good and unique as usually expected.

You can use your free time at home to plan the ideal gift for the couple whose wedding you will be attending and help to make their life more straightforward.

Without a doubt, there are practical gifts like vacuum cleaners or dinner sets. Homeware is generally a good thing to give as wedding presents, particularly when it can be customized with a monogram.

However, there's something to be said about one-of-a-kind gifts that assist the love birds in making memories together, for example, a cookbook for at-home date nights or a personalised diary decorated with romantic quotes. We have put together a list of wedding gift ideas that you can lovingly present to the happy couple.

Best Wedding Gifts For Your Loved Ones

Gold Jewellery

1.  Customized Photo Frame

Personalize a picture frame using the couple's first and last initials, and include a photo that incorporates the recipient's hobbies, or even a bespoke portrait illustration. When you place your order for a custom portrait, you can include a high-resolution image of the soon-to-be-married pair so that the artist can match every aspect as precisely as possible.

The background colour is entirely up to you, and you may choose between a digital or physical print in small, medium, or large sizes. Keep in mind that, like any other personalized gift, this image will take more than a few days to create and ship. But, in the end, we believe it is a worthwhile and one-of-a-kind gift that will be remembered for a lifetime. You can also go for photo printing on canvas.

2.   Pre-Paid Wedding Card

The tradition of giving envelopes overstuffed with cash to the lady of the hour is one of the most well-known gift choices. Every couple at the beginning of their married life needs monetary support, and they could use the extra cash to buy any helpful things or to decorate their new home together. Prepaid cards make the gift look more presentable and it will be pleasing to the beneficiary since they can pick something of their own choice with it.

3.  Cute Pillows With Messages

Cute Pillows With Messages

Make the happy couple's day even more beautiful and better with a personalised cushion or pillow that is inscribed with cute and sweet messages, that will always serve as a constant reminder of their wedding day and they will cherish it always.

4.  A Romantic Night Out

It's a gift that every newlywed will appreciate! Treating them to a relaxing stay in a heritage hotel, a beach resort in an isolated place or a woodland lodge will show the couple that you really care about them. Find the perfect place where the pair can spend some quality time together. The plan is to give the pair some time to relax, unwind and get to know each other more during their honeymoon period.

5.  A Classic Novel

You can delight the newlyweds with a beautiful leather-bound hardcover version of a favourite book that they will both like. It is a sophisticated gift that may be displayed on their study bookcases or on their living room's coffee table. The pair might spend an intimate and romantic evening sitting on a couch and reading together. You can add a personal touch by writing the couple's names, as well as their wedding date, on the inner cover.

6.  Book Of Memories

 Book Of Memories

Buy them a high-quality hardcover book that they can load up with memories and photographs from their early days together, which they can keep adding to from time to time whenever they go on a journey or do anything else they would like to keep a sentimental record of.

7.  Gifting Plants


Plants serve an important function in beautifying and relaxing the environment, as well as restoring natural balance. They help filter the indoor air and eliminate contaminants. As a result, it will be an excellent gift for a nature-loving pair.

8.  Scented Candles

Scented Candles

Consider gifting some brilliantly fragrant, scented candles, made with soy wax and romantic fragrances such as vanilla, ocean salt, orchid, Caribbean teakwood, or white and sage lavender that will really set the scene for a romantic night in.

9.  Grooming and Beauty Care Set

If you want to choose something specific for the groom, then a shaving kit with a natural cleanser, an economically delivered Sheesham wood (also known as Indian Rosewood) shaving bowl and a specially made olive wood shaving brush that is gentle on the skin would make a pleasing present for any guy who prefers a clean shave. And for the lions who prefer to keep their manes, a beard grooming kit would be ideal!

The Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve Shaving Gift Sets are made with prevalent craftsmanship and delivered in eco-accommodating bundling. It is additionally confirmed as 'Made with natural fixings' by OEFFA, the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association.

10.  Traditional Gifts

Traditional Gifts

If you want to choose something traditional for the bride, then go for a delicately embroidered sari or some gold jewellery, which is an unbeatable choice when it comes to giving traditional Indian wedding gifts.

We hope that you liked our list of trendy and cute wedding gift ideas that will show that you care on their big day and bring peace and happiness to the bride and groom's faces.