The Perfect Gifts For Your Partner This Christmas

Christmas may still seem miles away, but we’re getting closer and closer. Spreading out your Christmas shopping doesn’t only help you to feel more organised, but it can help to make December slightly easier in terms of money!

We’ve got something here for any budget, so get ready to find the perfect gift for your partner this Christmas, but also for any other gift occasions

Adventure Date Book

Adventure Date Book

If you struggle for inspiration when it comes to choosing dates to go on, you should get yourself an adventure date book.

There are so many of these books but they are all pretty similar, containing lots of different pages of date ideas, so you can flick through and then go on the date you have landed on. Then, there is space for you to print out photos and stick them in the book so you can remember everything you have done together!

There are different books for different budgets, so you can find something to suit you, although many of the books have a big variety of date ideas in terms of cost. This is something you can enjoy together all year round, so it’s definitely worth getting this for your partner! 

A Weighted Blanket

The first gift on our list is weighted blankets, which are a big trend at the minute and it’s not hard to work out why!

Weighted blankets contain either plastic pellets or glass beads that add weight to the blanket. You should choose a blanket between 5% and 12% of your partner's body weight to get the maximum benefits out of it. 

Weighted blankets are so much more than a blanket, as the weight can help to ease stress and soothe anxiety, but help to put the body’s autonomic nervous system into a rest mode, therefore reducing some symptoms of anxiety for people.

Even if you don’t suffer from anxiety, you should experience a soothing effect. So, if your partner has an especially stressful job, they can sit under the blanket for 10 minutes to really help them unwind before getting ready for the evening. This sense of calm can also help to improve sleep quality. 

Overall, this is a great gift that really shows you have put thought into the gift and your partner's wellbeing. 

Tickets To The Theatre

Tickets To The Theatre

If you want to book an experience for you and your partner to enjoy, then you should book tickets to the theatre! Either if your partner is a lover of theatre, or hasn’t been before, this will be a great experience.

Simply look at what is coming up in your local theatres and then choose something that you think both of you will like. You could go for something classic like Les Miserables, Miss Saigon, Wicked, or Phantom of the Opera, or something a bit different like the Lion King, Blood Brothers, or Bugsy Malone.

If you have a lower budget, you could go to a more local theatre where the tickets will be much cheaper, but you will still get to see some great talent. 

This could become a new tradition that you enjoy together each year, or if your partner isn’t a big fan, in the end, it’s something you can remember fondly with a few laughs! 

Final Thoughts

The main thing to remember when buying your partner a Christmas present is to choose something thoughtful rather than focusing on the money.

They will appreciate this so much more than you putting yourself in a difficult financial situation in order to get them something expensive! All of these ideas are great no matter your budget.