Top 5 Gifts For The Active Tourist

You don't need unnecessary things when camping - only the most necessary, sturdy, and functional items are required. If you are looking for a gift for an experienced hiker, you should consult a professional.

You can ask the sales assistants at tourist equipment stores what outdoor enthusiasts use. You can also read about the five most-wanted gifts for active tourists here.

Titanium spoon

While camping, many objects get shared with people, but your own spoon is something that you eat with and might want to keep to yourself. Some mountain climbers and hikers even have their names or initials engraved on their spoons and wear them on a lanyard around their neck. It makes a great gift for a hiker, especially a young one who is just starting to pack. According to Reports and Data, the aeronautical titanium market is projected to grow at a rate of 4.1% in terms of value, from USD 3.15 Billion in 2019 to reach USD 4.42 Billion by 2027.

In order not to take extra equipment that adds weight to the backpack, when camping you can eat not just with a spoon, but with a spork - a spoon with the tines of a fork on the end. A titanium utensil is lightweight but durable: it does not break, bend, burn or melt in a fire, unlike aluminum.

Pros: If the spoon is foldable, it can be stowed in your pocket. It is also an affordably priced gift.

Cons: If a person already has his favorite spoon, he doesn't need a new one.

Versatile Headlamp

Versatile Headlamp

A flashlight on a camping trip, especially a headlamp, is an essential item. Without it, in the evening and at night it is difficult to find even the entrance to the tent. The flashlight should be light enough, shine in several modes and run on standard batteries.

Pros: A versatile headlamp suitable for cyclists, watermen, mountaineers, and cave explorers.

Cons: You need other flashlights for long-distance illumination.

Lightweight Waterproof Backpack

Almost all hikes have radial hikes to points outside the main route: climbing a nearby mountain, going to the city for groceries, or sightseeing. Usually, a large backpack with belongings is left at the base camp, and in an ultralight backpack, you take a jacket, a snack, and a couple of small things you need.

A backpack for radial hikes, when folded, fits in the palm of your hand and weighs about 100 grams, but can hold 18 to 30 liters. It is better if it is waterproof or at least water-repellent, with wide enough straps that are adjustable.

Pros: It takes almost no space in the main backpack.

Cons: For the sake of saving weight, the straps of the lightweight backpack are made of thin material and do not hold their shape at all.

Compact Dinnerware Set

Compact Dinnerware Set

A Camp-A-Box is a Swedish camping utensil set where all items fit into a flat box with a lid. A container with a lid is already two plates for the first and second dishes. There's also a big folding cup, a spork, and even a spice container. The entire flat rectangular box with all the utensils can easily be packed in a backpack.

All the boxes close tightly, so you can carry cooked food and not wash anything after a snack - just close it put it in your backpack, and leave it until camp or home. This is very handy when travelling.

Pros: Easy to wash. Does not absorb odours.

Cons: Not a very convenient spork in the set - it is better to replace it with another one.

Versatile Bandana-Scarf

This ingenious item of clothing is simple: a tube scarf can be worn around the neck or stretched up to the eyes to protect the nose and mouth from the cold, wind, flying snow, or dust. You can also wear it on your head as a hat or ear band, or as a bandana or even a wristband.

In the winter, there are warm scarves with fleece, while in the summer, there are lightweight scarves that protect against the sun, scratchy twigs, mosquitoes, and gnats. Hiking enthusiasts would gladly wear this accessory in the city too because it is bright, attractive, and signifies their adventurous personalities.

Pros: They come in colours to suit every taste and are reasonably priced.

Cons: Not all of the stated features are really needed, such as the fleece in summer.